Why I am HAPPY?

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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….

I have a  syndrome…A very bad one indeed… have been suffering it for years…

When I see someone driving luxurious car —> he is happy.

When I pass by someone with a pretty face —> she is lucky.

When I meet someone with a high paying job —>he is blessed.


When I visit someone at the hospital —>he is suffering.

When I talk with someone with a financial crisis —> he is in a big trouble.

When I meet someone who has nothing at all —>he is hopeless.

The disease has been diagnosed…

A symptom of  lack of faith in Allah.

We passed each day with a strong assumption that :

Wealth, health, strength, good look, a loving family etc will make us happy.

If we have them, or at least one of them, we would be happy.

but the question we should ask ourselves is :

Where does HAPPINESS come from?

We can try to achieve or do something that will make us happy, but it is Allah that make us happy…

Allah is the source of happiness.

People are happy because Allah make them happy, He make them satisfied with what they have…

So even if we have everything a normal human being ever wanted, we wouldn’t be happy if Allah commands the opposite.

Well…I’m not saying that Allah is cruel by making our life look  miserable (from  human perspective), but the fact that we are depending on the worldly things to make us happy, it doesn’t fit the character of a true believer.

Someone who thought they can survive without Allah, that he can manage by his own, he doesn’t need Allah in his life, and believe that whatever he has  is because he deserved them …how can he called himself a mukmin?

So, even if you suffer from the world worst case scenario, the situation won’t deter you… if you have faith in HIM.

It’s not what happen to you…it’s what you do about it that matters…



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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….

With permission, I am  referring to the last post :


—> Text book : Al-Quran

—> Tutor : Rasulullah (Peace be Upon Him) + Hadeeth

—> Our surrounding is the exam hall…

—>We don’t have to write our answers : Our actions, words, thoughts etc will be the “unwritten” answers, jotted down by Raqeeb and ‘Ateed, as Allah SWT mentioned in Surah Qaf (17-18) :

When the two receivers receive, seated on the right and on the left.

Man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared [to record].

May Allah guide us the way so we will pass the test…and even if we fail, I pray that The Almighty will give us strength to keep on trying till He is pleased with us.

End note :

Lately things have been so stressed for you
It seems like life is trying to mess with you and pester you
You thought you knew exactly what to best pursue
You working hard on those things that you set to do
But you confess it’s true that your success is few
And your folks are only helping in depressing you
You try to do the Deen but they be stressing you
And it gets to you but you suppress that too
An exam, you go and study day and night
You pray and write, hope for a grade you like
But when you get the test you’re in dismay and fright
There’s no A in sight and only 8 were right, wow!
And what about the sister you enquired about
She’s so pious, devout that it required a scout
But then you get the news her Wali fired you out
They were wired, no doubt, to someone higher in clout
Lately its seems that your calling in life
Is just you falling in strife
The word appalling is right
And you notice you’ve been feeling sick, why who knows
So you call upon the doctor she can eye it close
She tells you I suppose, that you wont be very happy when I diagnose
Although you try your hardest not to cry it shows
It’s a monster load, and your strength is sinking
You start wondering and thinking

What’s going on? it seems all wrong, why am I the one struggling along?
I don’t know why I’m hurting, I never hurt nobody
My life I’m living right, but it’s crumbling around me
How strong is my faith this time? (got to pass the test)
Will my solution include Haram? (got to pass the test)
I gotta be strong during times like these, (got to pass the test)
I know after hardship there goes ease! (got to pass the test)

It’s a test, (from Allah), a test (from your Lord), it’s a test (what you gonna do?), gotta realize it’s a test (4x)

Folks used to say you were smarty kid
Others made mistakes but you hardly did
Since then man, life has just been marvelous
You stand tall like an obelisk
It’s obvious
Your high paying job is never arduous
Your living in your crib and you got marble this and marble that
Others dream to rival that
And your blessed to never draw major debt
because success is your motto nothing keeps you down
Passing peeps in town, yo by leaps and bounds
People clapping when you talk because of deep renown
You drive Hummers and top model jeeps around
You know its bad and haram to be a miser and boast
But your healthier and wealthier and wiser than most
You gotta an adviser to those, who try to propose
Cause there’s so many potentials that they line up in rows
You got it all, the power the money the wealth
Your thinking God’s gotta love you more than anyone else
But wait Whoa wait a second, this isn’t what your thinking
You gotta stop and think why you getting all the blessings
Don’t want to let it shake ya, or let the devil make ya
Forget to praise Allah and then fail the test your taken
No doubt you’re gonna try your best
Gotta be thankful and pray no less
Already gotta head up above the rest
Cause you realize this is just a test

So face it, in life, you’ll be tested at times
The devil, he’s bright, don’t let him mess with your mind
Yo, we’re blessed, the Divine, which is the best for mankind
So He (God) gives us exams so don’t get stressed out and whine
Even the best of all humanity was tested Himself
Allah can test us with calamity or test us with wealth
Can you hold back from profanity and focus yourself
Or maybe keep away from vanity and function in stealth
It’s tough, trust me I know that it’s rough
But after pain comes ease and you’ll be blessed from above
I hope when the time for my test comes along I will cope and I’ll find I’ll be blessed when I’m strong
So my people, when life is a mess
You gotta focus and realize, this could be your test.

(Native Deen – Test)

Hurmm… I wonder who says hardship is a sign that Allah doesn’t love you, or that luxury means that Allah has blessed you in this life?


We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….

Place : Lecture Hall, Faculty of Tarbiyyah,  University Of  Murobbi

Time : 9.00 a.m.

Lecturer:  I’ll be conducting  an exam to test  your understanding and efforts in this subject. The exam will be  whenever and wherever  best suited all of you. So, just  pay attention in class and be prepared.

Student A : Are all the topics will be in the text book ?

Lecturer : Yes, I’ll cover all the topics in  the text book. Make sure you read every page and understand what it’s trying to convey. I’ve also appointed a tutor to guide you along the semester. If you have any problem, you can refer to him and the text book. Please study hard and smart. If you fail this exam, you’ll probably be banned, and that leave you to my mercy whether you’ll make it to the next semester or not.


And the  new semester in UM  begins. As the time passed, there’ll be three types of students :

1) Study hard and smart —> pass exam with flying colours, biiznillah

2) Study based on occasion/ mood etc —> depends on their efforts/lecturer’s   mercy

3) Don’t study at all —> fail, biiznillah will somehow make it to the next semester with lecturer’s  mercy

Genius people read my blog….

Only genius people read my blog…

Because you’re genius….and among the mukminoon… I believe you can figure out what I’m trying to convey from the above “WORDS”.

If your neuron can’t generate something, then you’ll have to wait for the next post….

I’ll post the “what I’m trying to convey from the above “WORDS” ” later…

May Allah bless us all….

And may He make us among those who understand…

We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….


Yesterday morning I gulped nearly a litre of water for suhoor; just drink all the water  within arm’s reach, as the day before I was so thirsty and completely dehydrated. So yesterday suhoor aim : drink as much water as my stomach could store before the “time is up”.

Mission accomplished. All my housemates were staring at me as I done drinking the last drop of water.

Thinking cap session:

No pain, no gain.

Tiny example of sacrification: I am willing to go through all the “pain” in consuming as much water as possible (A.M.W.A.P.) in order to avoid being “dry” again during the day.

In real life, we struggle to meet the datelines set by our employers, trying very hard to meet people expectations, we’re willing to endure all the pain just to pass the exams, but then are all the things that we’ve done pleased our Lord, Allah exalted be HE?

A question to ponder and I am in no place to answer it.

Yet, I couldn’t endure half the pain in prostrating to my Lord, in remembering Him (the bearer of my soul) in my daily life…

I’m too busy with my life, a life that He’s given me… remembering Him when I’m in need…..weird way to express my gratitude.

I pray that all of us will be given the strength, perseverance and will by ALLAH to perform the righteous deeds; to achieve the true purpose of our existence as the creations:

I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me.
(Adz-Zariyat : 56)

And I pray as the last breath escape our lips, we’ll hear the best greetings from our Lord:


“O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and satisfaction!


“Come back thou to thy Lord,- well pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto Him!


“Enter thou, then, among My devotees!


“Yea, enter thou My Heaven!
(al-Fajr : 27-30)

So before the time is up, how much pain I am willing to endure to have a blessed life in the hereafter?

Absurd comparison :

Just like you cannot eat and/or drink after Fajr (during Ramadhan), you cannot serve your LOrd when you die. The deeds stop right then and there when the angel of death “knock your door”.

May Allah protect us from being  people who’d say :


  “Ah! Would that I had sent forth (good deeds) for (this) my (Future) Life!”

(Al-Fajr : 24)


“Looking back on the things I’ve done, I was trying to be someone (I’m not supposed to be), I don’t play my part, kept myself in the dark,and now I’ve been shown the true colour of my heart…”

Hurm… “So Much For My Happy Ending…”

Let’s pray for a happy ending….

No one loves you…

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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….

‘No one loves you more than Allah. No one cares for you more than Allah. No one knows what is best for you except Allah. Even we don’t know what’s best for us most of the time. But He does—always. He knows what is best for you, when it’s best for you, where it’s best for you and in what way it’s best for you. All you need to do is just hand it all to Him and He’ll take care of it all and give you, without doubt, what is best for you.’

Do read the whole article:
It doesn’t make sense

Productive Muslim in Malaysia

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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….






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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….


After nearly three months waiting and “suffering”, I finally get my “paycheck”. heh3. Today, I’ve been informed that my “boss” will deposit my two months pay.

Eventhough I didn’t see the money yet, didn’t touch or smell (exaggerating) the money yet, I’ve keep smiling from ear to ear the whole evening. I am so happy, it felt as though  all my problems have evaporated to the air and will never be heard off again.

So, why I’m sharing all this stuff?

‘Coz  suddenly something flashed through my  “brilliant”  brain:

Allah SWT rewards in hereafter…

Allah already mentioned all the rewards, the best of them, prepared for us…

And yet, I don’t think I’m smiling each time I read the verses or hadeeth telling me the reward for the people of paradise…

That is when I started to ask myself, why would I be on top of the world when my employer said she WILL deposit the money into my account but when My LORD said,:


In the Gardens of Pleasure,


A [large] company of the former peoples


And a few of the later peoples,


On thrones woven [with ornament],


Reclining on them, facing each other.


There will circulate among them young boys made eternal


With vessels, pitchers and a cup [of wine] from a flowing spring –


No headache will they have therefrom, nor will they be intoxicated


And fruit of what they select


And the meat of fowl, from whatever they desire.


And [for them are] fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes,


The likenesses of pearls well-protected,


As reward for what they used to do.

…..I have no reaction at all. My lips not even twitch upon reading these verses.


ALLAH already mentioned the reward for our good deeds…If we compared  these situation (my “will be deposited” payment and Allah’s reward), it is actually the same thing though they are not similar. Both of them is not really happening but WILL BE,  my payment is not certain yet, if we look at a different angle it is just a promise that I will get the money, but Allah is true to His words. He will never break His promise.

Question : Why the first one brightens my mood while  the other  one almost has no effect on my soul?

It is not an unsolved mystery, I’ve already deduced the answer…

its my IMAN…

Our IMAN  determine how we react on things around us.

Now, lets change the situation :

A criminal has been sentenced by the court  for certain crime he commited: he will be whipped 5 times on 29th January 2012. What do you think he’ll be feeling while he wait for the sentence to be carried out? A normal person would surely started to feel anxious, scared, terrified, perturbed, tense etc …. He knows about the unbearable pain of whipping…how things would turn out on the day he will be whipped…the shame and pain would mingle  with one another…an undescribable feelings… the fact that he will be whipped in a few days already terrifies him… can you imagine how he will acting and feeling when he faces the sentence?

If we were present at the court hearing, at the mention of the sentence itself would send us  shivering, or as the onlookers of the sentence , we would be terrified even though we didn’t experience the pain…

And guys, that kind of whipping  is nothing compared to Allah sentence in the hereafter.

How are you feeling when Allah said :


Then indeed you, O those astray [who are] deniers,


Will be eating from trees of zaqqum


And filling with it your bellies


And drinking on top of it from scalding water


And will drink as the drinking of thirsty camels.


That is their accommodation on the Day of Recompense.

I need not write the whole thing for you to understand what I’m trying to convey. Just look at the above situation and begin to ponder on how we react on the verses of the Quran, or to be accurate :  THE WORDS OF ALLAH.

Maybe it is just me having this problem, but then you should be thankful when you start to read the Quran “as though it is being revealed to you at that moment.”

Our real WORK…

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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….


I’ve just finished reading a heart-moving article by Sis Yasmin Mogahed (May Allah give her the best reward). I stumbled upon this article while browsing for  articles on the life of prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The title “SALAH : Life’s forgotten purpose” piqued my interest. What’s the forgotten purpose that relate to salah?  When I clicked on the link, I have no idea what will be shared, and ALHAMDULILLAH, praise be to Allah for giving me a chance to read and learn my true life’s purpose.

So, why don’t you  click on this link, and learn yours too.

Biiznillah, the article is well articulated and eloquently described with practical example…Just spend a few minutes to read this article and insyaallah, you’ll view your life from a whole new perspective 


Quote :

” It sounds comical, but the truth is we put the needs of our body above the needs of our soul. We feed our bodies, because if we didn’t, we’d die. But so many of us starve our souls, forgetting that if we are not praying our soul is dead. And ironically, the body that we tend to is only temporary, while the soul that we neglect is eternal.”

DOOMSDAY can be predicted ???

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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance…

hurm…can we predict doomsday?

Quite a controversial title up there, huh??? I wonder who wrote that, was it me? Well, it’s gonna be me!!!

You might think it’s kinda late to be talking ’bout doomsday. Come on, 2012 was released a year ago…

As eye-catching as the title could be, I have to apologize, I’m not going to discuss  that topic…

I’m just using it to grab your attention. Again, I apologize…

This is definitely not the real "picture"

If you want to know theories or even rumours on that topic, you could google it and a long list of search would be displayed on your screen : 2012 phenomenon, Mayan calendar, Nostradamus prediction etc…

And they’ll tell you all about it except the truth…Why did I say that? The phenomenon doesn’t occur yet…Nobody will know for sure, they’re making predictions…and predictions is not the whole truth. After all, they’re just theories, not facts. Theories can be changed by the latest and more approved discovery. In the end, the real source for the truth is the Quran and hadith…


They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the Hour: when is its arrival? Say, “Its knowledge is only with my Lord. None will reveal its time except Him. It lays heavily upon the heavens and the earth. It will not come upon you except unexpectedly.” They ask you as if you are familiar with it. Say, “Its knowledge is only with Allah , but most of the people do not know.”

(Al-A’raaf : 187)

Okay, enough of the “topic I’m not going to talk about…”. I won’t argue on this.

Let say  doomsday can be predicted…will you wait till the final moment to repent all your bad deeds…to do all the things Allah has commanded you to do…to stay away from things that Allah has prohibited…

“Chill out, man. Doomsday will be in ….. years time. Just enjoy ourself, we’ll perform our duty later.”

Are you gonna be like this?

If you think you’ll turn out like that when the scientists predict doomsday, THINK AGAIN!

I have a cousin who died when he was one week old.

I have a distant relative who died at the age of 9.

I have an uncle who died in his mid twenties.

I have a neighbour who died at the age of 33.

I have a grandfather who died in his sixties.

We see, we read, we hear and we know that people, despite their age, died by various causes. Death can occur anytime, anywhere. Usually it don’t give a single sign when it will visit you…


well, that statement came out wrong, let’s change it to:

“Not all of us will live till doomsday, some might die earlier.” Are you still delaying, hoping that you’ll have hundreds years ahead to accomplish all your dreams and neglecting Allah’s order?

So, do you understand what I’m trying to say?

If you don’t, I’ll write it down :

If you want to do good deeds, do it now.

If you want to repent, do it now.

If you want to stay away from sins, do it now.

If you want to turn to Allah, do it now.

If you want to ….(insert here), well, just do it now.

You’ll never now when the angel of death will show up.

It might be after I’ve published this…or maybe later…or maybe in ten years time.. who knows?

Why take the risk? Just do it NOW!

Whenever the doomsday will be, the fact that it will happen is already engraved in our heart and mind. The same thing goes with death.

Are you waiting for the doomsday? Or are you predicting when you will die?

May Allah bless all of us with HUSNUL KHATIMAH… Ameen

Passing with flying colours…

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We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….


“I’ve passed my exam!!!”

After all the hardship I’ve went through, I’ve finally passed…The feeling, of course couldn’t be described with words…

“Hey guys, look at my exam slip. I passed!” I knew if I work hard, biiznillah I will make it. And I did.


“Oww,  s***. Not again, why do I have to fail in every paper”

I should’ve put more efforts. Mom’s gonna be really mad.

“I wish I didn’t get my result. It’ll just rub salt into the wound.”  They’ve strictly marked my papers. Why do they even detect that tiny mistakes?


Change the setting…apply this to a different , out-of-the-planet kind of situation..hurm… such as the day of judgement…any idea on how the situation would be? How things would turn out?

Allah already pictured the scene  in the Quran, Surah Al-Haqqah (19-32) :

Those who work hard to passed their “exam” would be like this :


So as for he who is given his record in his right hand, he will say, “Here, read my record!


Indeed, I was certain that I would be meeting my account.”


So he will be in a pleasant life –


In an elevated garden,


Its [fruit] to be picked hanging near.


[They will be told], “Eat and drink in satisfaction for what you put forth in the days past.”

But those who didn’t prepare for the “exam”, they would be like this :


But as for he who is given his record in his left hand, he will say, “Oh, I wish I had not been given my record


And had not known what is my account.


wish my death had been the decisive one.


My wealth has not availed me.


[ Allah will say], “Seize him and shackle him.


Then into Hellfire drive him.

People who will be sitting for exams know the date of the exam, know the scope of what will be asked, what will be marked and so on..

So, that’s why before the exam, they struggle, pulling an all-nighter in order to do their best in the exam…’cause the end result would determine their performance and their next destination.

We, on the other hand, didn’t know when  the day of judgement is, but we believe  it will happen one day.

We know we will be asked about what did we do in our life…and Allah has already prepared the guidelines for us to follow and sent  His apostles to taught us.

In other word, we are already being informed about the ”exam” and are guided on  how to do well in that “exam”.


With Allah’s blessing, may we all pass the “exam” with flying colours…Ameen.

(FYI, spider wouldn’t be judged in the hereafter, but we will.)