Why I am HAPPY?

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

We praise Allah an abundant praises and pray for His blessings and guidance….

I have a  syndrome…A very bad one indeed… have been suffering it for years…

When I see someone driving luxurious car —> he is happy.

When I pass by someone with a pretty face —> she is lucky.

When I meet someone with a high paying job —>he is blessed.


When I visit someone at the hospital —>he is suffering.

When I talk with someone with a financial crisis —> he is in a big trouble.

When I meet someone who has nothing at all —>he is hopeless.

The disease has been diagnosed…

A symptom of  lack of faith in Allah.

We passed each day with a strong assumption that :

Wealth, health, strength, good look, a loving family etc will make us happy.

If we have them, or at least one of them, we would be happy.

but the question we should ask ourselves is :

Where does HAPPINESS come from?

We can try to achieve or do something that will make us happy, but it is Allah that make us happy…

Allah is the source of happiness.

People are happy because Allah make them happy, He make them satisfied with what they have…

So even if we have everything a normal human being ever wanted, we wouldn’t be happy if Allah commands the opposite.

Well…I’m not saying that Allah is cruel by making our life look  miserable (from  human perspective), but the fact that we are depending on the worldly things to make us happy, it doesn’t fit the character of a true believer.

Someone who thought they can survive without Allah, that he can manage by his own, he doesn’t need Allah in his life, and believe that whatever he has  is because he deserved them …how can he called himself a mukmin?

So, even if you suffer from the world worst case scenario, the situation won’t deter you… if you have faith in HIM.

It’s not what happen to you…it’s what you do about it that matters…


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